Trayvon Martin Dead Body Picture Illegally Released

A grainy photo of Trayvon Martin’s lifeless body and George Zimmerman’s school records were mistakenly released to the media yesterday by prosecutors in the case, according to CNN. The photo and records were among 76 court documents that special prosecutor Angela Corey says were mistakenly released. She issued a statement asking reporters to “please disregard and do not use the information contained in the initial e-mail. Come on now, this is the news they are not going to ignore evidence like that. I know for a fact those pictures will then get leaked to someone else and end up on some web site some where. Legal action should be taken for anyone that decides that they want to distribute these picture by “mistake” What do you think? Would you accept her apology?  Last time I check files don’t attached to emails by it self. In June, the judge in the case ruled that Martin’s photos would not be released to the public.(source)
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